School Policies

  Full attendance for the designated clock hours for each course is required to receive a certificate of completion. Absences may be made up the next time a course is offered, space permitting. Students who miss more than 10 minutes of a classroom hour will be required to make up the entire hour during another course, space permitting. Hours may not be transferred from other schools.
Refunds for pre-licensure and post-licensure classes are available on a pro-rated basis, determined by number of hours the student has attended and the amount of classroom hours required for the course.     
   There is a cancellation fee of $75 that is non-refundable.
All tuition paid in excess of the cancellation fee shall be refunded based on the cost and length of the program. All tuition beyond the current enrollment period shall be refunded when a student terminates.  The reimbursement schedule is:
At completion of less than twenty five percent (25%) of the program, the refunds shall be made on a pro-rata basis. At completion of 25% but less than 50% of the program, the student shall be refunded not less than 50% of the tuition. At completion of 50% but less than 75% of the program, the student shall be refunded not less than 25% of the tuition. At completion of 75% or more of the program, no refund is due the student.

  A refund is available for continuing education and review courses as long as cancellation is made 7 days prior to the scheduled course. Refunds may not be issued for continuing education or test review days if cancellation is not made 7 days prior to the course date but the student may attend a different class within 6 months.

  Unity Real Estate School, LLC may equip with wireless internet access for students convenience and use with laptop computers. Student use of internet is restricted to break time or in computer technology classes when allowed by the instructor.

  Use of mobile phones, smart phones, pagers, computers, newspapers, homework is prohibited during classes. Real Estate Continuing Education certificates will be awarded only to students that comply with Florida Real Estate Commission regulations requiring student attendance and participation.
THIS IS A NON-SMOKING FACILITY. There is a designated smoking area located outside of the building. Use of tobacco products (including but not limited to smokeless tobacco, snuff, unlit cigars or cigarettes), alchohol or illegal recreational drugs is prohibited inside the facility.

  FIREARMS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. Certified Law Enforcement Officers may be exempt from this policy when conditions or circumstances merit an exception.

  Your privacy is very important to us. All personal information you provide to us is treated as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL by Unity Real Estate School,LLC. Your personal information is not to be shared, traded, rented or sold to anyone, anytime other than as required by the Florida Real Estate Commission or a court of law. Your personal information is stored in an encrypted database and will be used only to communicate with you about your educational status. You may at anytime terminate communication from us by simply replying to the email and typing the word REMOVE in the subject field and we will remove your name from our email database.

  CAUTION: Third party websites or businesses linked to this website maintain their own privacy policies, upon which we have no control. Please review their privacy policies prior to providing them with any personal information.

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